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Yellowstone have been designing and building our own PC's since 1990. We are not in the business of building the cheapest PC's around. We use only the best components available, using 'branded' parts in nearly all cases. These components enable us to design and build PC's with a high reliability record.

Excluding problems attributed to software, we currently experience around only 1.5% component failure (leading to machine downtime) on new PC's within their warranty period. This figure serves as testament for Yellowstone's policy of only seeing our customers when they have additional requirements. Visiting for maintenance work is a waste of your time and ours.

To this end we can design and build PC's to your exact requirements:

Whilst we can build PC's for your office and home needs, we also specialise in designing and building high speed / specification server systems, using the latest disc drive technologies and redundant power supply systems.

Click here to go to the PC Design and Cost Calculator!

You can use the above link to visit our purpose-designed PC Builder, which will enable you to design and cost up your own PC system or Server. The system should be used as a guide only, as certain combinations of parts may not be possible to be put together into a valid PC system!

We will be please to assist in the design of your system should you require our help. You could of course just tell us what sort of system you need, and leave us to do the hard work of designing the best system for your needs?!

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